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2022 "how much brighter the moonlight is at home!" Overseas Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Gala won praise at home and abroad.

Date : 2022-09-12 10:18:02

On September 10th, 2022 "how much brighter the moonlight is at home!" Overseas Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Gala hosted by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, Press Office of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, Zhejiang Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Zhejiang Radio and Television Group and Zhejiang Overseas Friendship Association, and hosted by Zhejiang Radio and Television Group Overseas Center (international channel), was first broadcast globally on Zhejiang International Channel, and simultaneously broadcast by Zhejiang Satellite TV, "Beautiful Zhejiang" Tik Tok and China Blue International Media Matrix.

Once the party was broadcast, the response was enthusiastic. As of 22: 00 on September 11th, more than 100 domestic and foreign media reported that the audience at home and abroad reached more than 10 million times. # how much brighter the moonlight is at home! Chinese Overseas Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Gala # Weibo has read more than 5 million themes and related topics, Tik Tok's topic word # Zhejiang Mid-Autumn Festival Gala ranks second in Tik Tok's hot list, # Zhejiang Mid-Autumn Festival Gala # has read more than 10 million main topics and related videos on the whole network.

The party received wide acclaim, including the true feelings of compatriots and overseas Chinese who work, study and live overseas. Hu Yuqiang, vice president of Equatorial Guinea China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association and president of Yongjia Chamber of Commerce in Equatorial Guinea, said: "Thank you for holding such a wonderful and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival party. No matter how far the wanderers go, our hearts will always remember the motherland; No matter where the wanderer is, our roots will always be in our hometown. " Zheng Xinwu, chairman of the Palau Overseas Chinese Federation, said, "Overseas Chinese are concerned about the motherland. This party gathered Chinese and foreign friends to show us a beautiful picture of a Chinese and foreign family. Whether it is the inheritance of cultural heritage or the upgrading of technology and military, I wish the motherland more prosperity!"

User comment: @ 中中中: Proud of the space hero, forever proud. @yxw: The mid-autumn moon is full. May all Chinese people have a happy holiday! @vinneeChai: I liked them more than ten years ago. How many people, like their aunt and brother, can't see the slightest change for more than ten years?

Ask about the great events of asking for the moon, and the dream of space is the same as the past and the present.

"Who preached at the beginning of ancient times?" "The sun and the moon are safe, and the stars are safe?" Since ancient times, candlestick asking for the moon has been a medium for ancient Chinese ancestors to express their romantic reverie and natural exploration. The Mid-Autumn Festival has the custom of enjoying the moon and Yue Bai. It can be said that the moon has become an inseparable part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This evening party also took the "moon" as the main element, and around this round of full moon, it launched a long dream talk that spanned the past and the present.

Yang Liwei, the deputy chief designer of China's manned spaceflight project and aerospace hero, came to the party. Through this stage, he had a long talk with Su Shi, a writer of the Northern Song Dynasty who wrote a thousand years ago. From Yuchan Ice Wheel to flying to explore the moon, a magnificent picture scroll depicting the thinking and struggle of ancient Chinese sages and contemporary astronauts slowly unfolded. This creative dialogue made many audiences deeply touched, and many people spontaneously counted the names of the pioneers of ancient astronomical science: Zhang Heng, Zu Chongzhi, Wan Hu, Wang Zhenyi … As netizens lamented, the scientific research activities of astronauts contained Chinese-style romance.

Painting Jiangnan vitality Zhejiang Song rhyme is like a picture scroll.

The party is always permeated with a strong Zhejiang style. Mao Weitao, a famous Yue opera singer, brought the audience an excerpt from butterfly lovers, a classic Yue opera that Zhejiang people are familiar with. This love song, which has been circulating for more than 1,700 years, has gone through a hundred years of wind and rain with Yue opera, a local Zhejiang opera, and has flowed in the blood of Zhejiang people at home and abroad. Zhejiang singer Bai Xue sang Wu dialect song "Yi Liang" with the combination of "Oriental Myth". The familiar local accent was euphemistic and long, telling the endless yearning of "when those red berries come in springtime". "Counting" Ten Years of Zhejiang "recounts the development and important signs of Zhejiang in the past ten years, and the breath of" poetry and painting in the south of the Yangtze River are vigorous in Zhejiang "comes to us.

Fish lantern, rolling lantern, lantern, eighteen butterflies, artists from hometown of overseas Chinese in Zhejiang put a series of non-legacy performances on the stage. These wonderful skills passed down from generation to generation have led the audience into a lively festival atmosphere; Thousands of ancient poems, Fuchun mountains and rivers, Zhejiang Song and Dance Troupe reappeared the program "Recalling Jiangnan" which was once on CCTV Spring Festival Evening. It was poetic and romantic, and the apricot flowers were drizzling, all in the drawing; Lovely children brought the dance program "Lane Memories", which made people think back to their boyhood, and laughter came from narrow alleys; Xiaoyu, a virtual human valley, came from the Southern Song Dynasty, bringing you a unique Mid-Autumn Festival blessing from the Metauniverse.

These special programs with rich Zhejiang customs have greatly awakened Zhejiang people's memories of "home". Like an ink pen, they dot the outline of Zhejiang, and like the voice of a loving mother, they awaken the memories of overseas wanderers about their hometown and invite them to visit home often.

Meet the Cape brightening the whole of heaven in thick water clouds.

Through a virtual dialogue between ancient and modern times, the evening party realized the integration of time, and through the "cloud video" technology, it realized the breakthrough of space. Through one electronic screen, the mythical "meeting in the clouds" became a reality. The main venue in Hangzhou, China performed on the same stage with artists from Paris, France, Boston, USA, and Sydney, Australia. When will the bright moon come, Victory Victory Victory, and Full Moon invited audiences at home and abroad to board the invisible bridges built at the party, which were the same as the clouds, to get together at this time.

There is a classic reappearance here. Hu Bing, a star from Zhejiang, joined hands with Carman Lee, the "little dragon girl" in the hearts of a generation, to re-sing the theme song "Return" of The Condor Heroes; There is a collision between ancient rhyme and popularity, where classical operas, antique songs and dances are sung on the same stage with the contestant and strength singer of "The Voice of China" by Jin Zhiwen. There is a call for love here. The Provincial Overseas Chinese Literary Association Art Troupe and Guan Chenchen, the gymnastics women's balance beam champion of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, sang "Voice for Love" and issued a warm invitation to meet in Hangzhou. There are cloud videos of overseas Chinese groups from Italy, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Cambodia, Tanzania, Australia and other countries singing "My Heart of China", and classic old songs reverberate in the hearts of wanderers for a long time; Here are the most affectionate wishes, such as Zhou Xun, Tang Wei, Tao Huimin, He Shuifa and other Zhejiang artists, members of the "Important Window" International Communication Alliance, international friends of UNESCO and Discovery Channel, etc., which make the audience feel the full moon, the prosperity and the peace of the people in the colorful visual feast ...

With the applause of the audience at the scene and the praise of the audience and netizens at home and abroad, the memories of hometown, the pride of Zhejiang culture and the blessing of compatriots at home and abroad brought by the evening party will last for a long time, and will continue to be full of vitality in the hearts of every audience in the future.

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