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Good, good grapes, vintage | your JUNQI 君旗1863 rar

Date : 2022-11-11 18:45:02

One hundred years old rattan fruit, each after several sorting, with exquisite skills to get the next wine ~

In 1863, the centennial mountain grape was selected, and the annual output was less than 1% of the global grape. Gaoshan grape is unique to the southern provinces of China. It is mainly distributed in Luoxiao Mountain Range, Wuyi Mountain Range, Xuefeng Mountain range and Wuling Mountain Range (Huaihua, Hunan Province) and grows in the sparse forests or thickets of hillsides, gullies and valleys.

The nutritional composition of Gaoshan grape is several times that of ordinary grape. The dry red and sweet red wine made by Gaoshan grape in Zhongfang County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province have been tested by Northwest A&F University: The content of resveratrol was 0.676mg/L, the content of total phenol was 3627.9mg/l, and the content of total anthocyanin was 1254.2mg/l, which was several times more than that of the red wine made from common wine grapes at home and abroad. It had many health and disease prevention effects on human body, such as anti-oxidation, inhibiting coronary heart disease, reducing blood fat, anti-cancer, anti-aging and so on.

The oldest existing grapevine in Junqi was planted in 1863 and has been around for 159 years. There are very few 100-year-old vines in the world. The old vines are brewed with better quality. Unrivaled in color, the skin of the mountain grape contains a large amount of anthocyanins that dissolve in the wine during fermentation, giving a violet-red color, which is very beautiful. With varietal fruit aroma, aroma prominent, pleasant; Tannin contains small molecular tannin, moderate content, soft taste, strong harmonic, unique flavor, typical prominent, the most Oriental taste.

Wine Name: Junqi 1863 Alpine Wine

Origin: Hunan, China

Grape variety: Century-old mountain grape

Winery: Junqi Winery

A fresh red alpine wine with a deep Burgundy or fuchsia color, dignified and elegant. The fresh Alpine wine has a rich, prominent fruity character, with black cherry, blue plum, strawberry, raspberry and plum aromas and a hint of vanilla. The wine body is easy to enter, the wine body is full and moist, and the taste is strong. Fresh dry red alpine wines are sour and refreshing, and their acidity diminishes with age.

Because of cherish, so precious!

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