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After one hundred years of wind and rain, Junqi mo

Date : 2022-11-25 16:15:01

As a major factor affecting the quality of wine, there are many varieties of grapes, and the age of grapes naturally has its own length. Now let's talk about the relationship between tree age and wine quality. What's the difference?


As vines grow older, their roots go deeper into the soil. The soil is layered, and each layer is different in composition and properties, as well as containing different minerals. The roots of grapes traverse the multiple soils, absorbing a rich variety of minerals, giving the wine more complex aromas and multi-layered tastes.

The age of the grape is indeed a factor that affects the quality of the wine. The older vines produce grapes with richer nutrients and stronger flavor, and the wine is made with more level and flavor.


Generally speaking, it takes three or four years after the vines are planted to produce grapes that can be used to make wine. It takes seven or eight years to produce better quality fruit; It takes 15 years for the tree to maintain a stable quality; The next 30 years is the adult period, when the vines enter the full production stage, take deeper roots and absorb rich minerals, so that they can brew imported wine with the special flavor given by the geology and climate of the region. Moreover, it has high aging value and thus brings higher economic value.

After fifty years, the vine begins to enter a period of old age, with less vigor and less yield, but also because of less yield and more concentrated nutrients, the grape is richer in color and taste, and the wine is more layered.


As a practitioner of China's natural alpine winery, Junqi Wine Company has a few century-old vines in existence, which have been planted in 1863 for 159 years. The 1863 Alpine wine, made with century-old vines, is also popular among consumers. For example, the nutritional value of resveratrol and proanthocyanidin is several times that of ordinary grapes, and it has the effect of anti-oxidation, anti-aging and beautification.

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