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Wuxi builds intl talent communities to attract more talent

Date : 2022-07-20 14:10:17


An international talent community in Wuxi. [Photo/jschina]

Wuxi in East China's Jiangsu province plans to build two international talent communities this year to attract more high-level talent, according to recent policies published by local government.

The city plans to establish more than seven international talent communities in 2023, and by 2025 more such communities will be established in the city, turning it into a hub for high-profile talent.

"Competition for talent is not limited to salary. We must also offer talent opportunities for advancement," said an official from the Wuxi development and reform commission. "Wuxi will transform itself into a city attractive to innovative talent."

The international talent communities are not residential communities in the general sense, but a multifunctional public space integrating work, life and entertainment.

These communities feature convenient educational, healthcare, cultural, and other public services.

Some of the talent communities will be built in industrial parks, some of them will be built in various new cities that conserve energy and are highly efficient, and some will be established in places where international talent already live.

In addition, with the help of big data technology, residents of these international communities will enjoy convenient community and administrative services.

Cultural exchanges will also be a focus of these communities, as exhibitions, competitions, performances and forums will be held.

Residents of the international communities and surrounding Wuxi natives will be encouraged to share their cultures with each other to help international residents obtain a deeper understanding of Wuxi and hopefully fall in love with the city.

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